Will Young gets a transplant at risk of being dumped in Love Island spoilers

Will Young gets a transplant at risk of being dumped in Love Island spoilers

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Will Young was put in a vulnerable position in the final episode of love islandafter the bomb Tom Clare jumped in and stole Olivia Hawkins From him with a predictable recombination.

Now it’s up to the farmer to get his graft if he wants to stay in the villa and not be abandoned. Two Brand New Bombs Arrive Stir the pot further.

In a spoiler clip released ahead of the latest installment of Winter Love Island 2023 in South Africa, Will Lana Jenkins sideways for chat, as her partner Ron Hallis watching.

Ron realizes he doesn’t care because he’s confident in the connection he and Lana already have, but there’s always the chance he’s harboring real feelings.

Speaking at The Beach Hut about the potential risk of him being eliminated if he doesn’t couple up with someone else soon, Will admits: no one is safe. A lot to think about, a lot to port, a lot to do.

So he and Lana go one-on-one after she reveals that she also has Shaq Muhammad’s torch, who is teaming up with Tanya Mahenga during a game of daring icebreakers.

Will hopes not to be the first abandoned islander (Photo: ITV2)
Will Lana’s head turn to Will, or is her connection to Ron strong enough? (Photo: ITV2)

“How are you feeling after all?” Lana asked Will, after I got single in last night’s episode.

“It’s kind of… difficult, right? Because I don’t know you very well yet,” he replied to the makeup artist.

While chatting with some of the other islanders, including Olivia and Harris Namani, Ron said he was “not stressed” about Lana and Will getting to know each other because he “knows where we are.” I claim.

Yeah, you literally have another buddy trying to chop your bird out of you. I will do my best to back myself up.

Ron is confident in his bond with Lana (Photo: ITV2)
Harris wonders if he and Anna Mae are a good match (Photo: ITV2)

Elsewhere, Shaq and Tanya seem closer than ever, but Harris is starting to question whether he and Anna May Robbie are compatible mates.

“When you’re chatting with birds, you probably think it couldn’t be better,” says Harris.

“We get along and can chat. Obviously there’s no awkwardness there.

Will advises Harris should “explore it all,” and Ron says it sounds like the salesman has already “closed the door” on a possible romance with Anna Mae.

Preparing the islanders – Zara and David are on their way (Photo: ITV2)

Given the bond between Harris, a boxer, and Olivia, a ring girl, speculating that Harris might go after Olivia, Ron asks, “Are you going to step on Tom’s toes?”

Teacher Kai Fagan said, “The game starts here! Secure your thing or move on.

Meanwhile, the Islanders prepare to have two new contestants join the line-up as Zara Denise Luckenby-Brown and David Saraco arrive to spice things up and head off on their first dates with the rest of the cast. may not have been completed.

“When you play against me, there’s no match. I’m a born winner,” David promises, while Zara vows: “I’m not worried about any couple breaking up. Women.” set aside.

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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