Virtual Goods Sales Explode amid Retail Slumps and Many NFTs Cooling Down: MetaJuice Sold Out All Digital Collections at IMVU, Surpassing 1 Million Web3 Wallets

Virtual Goods Sales Explode amid Retail Slumps and Many NFTs Cooling Down: MetaJuice Sold Out All Digital Collections at IMVU, Surpassing 1 Million Web3 Wallets

retail and cipher Analysts fear pessimism for 2023, but Gen Z will buy virtual dreadlocks, sneakers, and streetwear in mere minutes to use in the Metaverse.

redwood city, california, January 17, 2023 /PR Newswire/ — meta juiceone of the most popular native wallets on the Metaverse platform, Trustee, today announced December 2022 and early January 2023 It bucks the retail trend of physical goods. Due to the popularity of these NFT-based digital collectibles, the number of his Web 3 wallets on IMVU has also exceeded 1 million in less than two years.Millennials and Gen Z (ages 18-35) are driving this trend, with virtual fashion, beauty and streetwear items priced at $3-100 sells out in the tens of thousands in an average of 7.5 minutes per release. In his first month, MetaJuice reached top 10 for his NFT collectible transactions in the world. Dapp Radartrack all blockchain transactions.

“We want NFTs to be affordable to the masses and have real utility in allowing their owners to use, wear, trade and earn social currency to improve their daily digital lives. thinking about. John Barris, President of Metajuice. “With sales of digital goods in games and the metaverse growing steadily, NFTs will become even more popular through their rarity, uniqueness and proof of ownership.”

with JP Morgan analysts estimate $54 billion is spent annually on virtual goods, McKinsey & Company Predict Metaverse can be generated at most 5 trillion dollars Here are the 10 best-selling products on IMVU.

  1. pop neon hair
  2. idol fade hair
  3. streetwear blue sneakers
  4. streetwear pink hoodie
  5. streetwear dreadlocks
  6. idol undercut hair
  7. pop bob hair
  8. licked an idol’s hair
  9. glam dress shoes
  10. streetwear skater hair

Based on previous survey data, many users are involved cipher For the first time at IMVU in the form of buying VCOINs or NFTs, 25% of NFT buyers have engaged with blockchain for the first time.

IMVU users recognize the value of NFTs and are willing to pay orders of magnitude more than the average non-NFT product for additional benefits and quality on the platform.

“We are non-cipher the user cipher Burris says: They created wallets, used VCOINs, bought and sold NFTs. This trend significantly increases revenue from catalog sales. ”

While many users enjoy using NFTs in their IMVU avatars, many items are collected and resold by buyers on the IMVU Marketplace. The hottest collections of items on the secondary market (based on total percentage of collections sold) are:

  1. idol hair
  2. blue streetwear
  3. pink streetwear
  4. pop hair
  5. grunge (male)
  6. grunge (female)
  7. Y2K (Man)
  8. glam dress
  9. g suit
  10. Y2K (Woman)

“Want to feel special? Check out the NFT shop, there is always something to wear that will make you feel special and unique,” ​​said user a1i5.

“They say you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy shoes. Me: I buy #IMVUNFT shoes,” said user mike_moon007.

“My experience with NFT Exclusives was great! My name stands out in gold and I made new friends thanks to NFT Exclusives!” said user karina64257.

Over 80% of these virtual goods are bought and sold by 18-35 year olds, and 18-24 year olds (Gen Z) make up over 60% of this demographic.of November 2022MetaJuice introduced NFT as a digital collection of IMVU, a metaverse platform created in 2004. 1M Of the daily active users who spend 55 minutes on the platform, 65% self-identify as female.

Wearables in the IMVU Metaverse are a big part of avatar customization, helping users stand out in the virtual world.His IMVU NFT sales layer on top of the platform 20M Virtual goods sold monthly. In the next phase, which will begin soon, IMVU will enable his 200,000 active creators, who are currently adding 346,000 digital items to their catalog monthly, to create his NFTs. His one million NFT milestone isn’t too far behind, as both options are delivered in a seamlessly integrated Metaverse-space-unique way.

MetaJuice has released NFT’s weekly drops on IMVU. November 30th, all drops are sold out. The latest drop sold out within 10 minutes.

About Metajuice

Metajuice ( is unlocking the metaverse. By building a blockchain-driven economy where anyone can own, earn, create, and shape the future metaverse, MetaJuice unlocks the metaverse and creates a world where users, players, and creators can participate and share its success. realize the vision of creating MetaJuice created and launched the Meta Token VCOIN, the NFT Asset and soon the new Global Metaverse Token VCORE. MetaJuice is a blockchain subsidiary of Together Labs, whose portfolio includes IMVU, the world’s largest social avatar metaverse.

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