Victor Martinez Warns About Biggest Bulking Mistake In Bodybuilding And NFT Fraud

Victor Martinez Warns About Biggest Bulking Mistake In Bodybuilding And NFT Fraud

Victor Martinez details how to avoid weight gain mistakes in bodybuilding, why he maintains a giant monster physique after retirement, and whether Phil Heath should make a comeback in 2023.

The 2022 bodybuilding season has come to an end and we have officially entered the typical off-season for most bodybuilders.except 2023 Arnold Classic With just eight weeks left, most other major bodybuilding shows are a long way off.But bulking Despite allowing large amounts of food intake, it is not easy.that’s why Victor Martinez We decided to analyze the most important tips for an effective bulking cycle. In the latest episode of generation iron podcastVictor Martinez reveals the biggest mistakes bodybuilders make while gaining weight.

The new year is in full swing and a new season of bodybuilding begins. Contest preparationFor many people, this time of year is the bulking phase, a time when bodybuilders pack on pounds to build more muscle mass before shedding it before approaching actual competition.

Victor Martinez is frequently noted by fans for his still impressive performances. physique despite no longer competing. So we took this opportunity to talk with Martinez about why and how he maintains such a massive physique. I ask him

Other topics discussed include a possible Phil Heath comeback in 2023. Is it a good idea? Can he pull it off?we also discuss alcohol and bodybuilding Best Practices and Celebrity NFT Schemes – Will scandal hit the world of bodybuilding? We break it all down below.

How to avoid the biggest weight gain mistakes in bodybuilding

bodybuilding diet When training Modern guides are a dozen dollars. As such, Victor Martinez doesn’t focus much on basic offseason bulking tips and tricks. Instead, he focuses on the most common mistakes bodybuilders make while gaining weight. good result experience.

The biggest spiral bodybuilders often fall into in the off-season bulk is the dirty bulking diet.n Eating is a common phrase in fitness and bodybuilding. A “clean” diet is one that is nutritious and healthy. A “dirty” food is an unhealthy diet high in fat, processed foods, sugar, or salt.

In the bulking phase of bodybuilding, the goal is to put on as much weight as possible to build massive muscle. cheat meal. Eating a few cheat meals during the bulk is fine, but when it comes to slippery slopes, the cutting phase becomes much more difficult and painful. There is a possibility

Another common mistake bodybuilders make is falling behind in training frequency. During the bulking phase, it’s okay to reduce your training frequency slightly. But this can become a problem if you fall into lazy bad habits.This is especially true if you are dirty bulking.

It should be noted that some bodybuilders are against bulking. cutting cycle It’s all for this reason. It promotes the establishment of bad habits and can also be an unhealthy process.The body should not swing back and forth in weight throughout the year. Both bulking and cutting can lead to certain health problems, depending on your rigor for the process.

Should Phil Heath make a comeback for Mr. Olympia 2023?

Rumors swirl in the new year about whether Phil Heath I plan to return and compete in the 2023 Mr. Olympia. The rumors mostly stemmed from vague comments Heath made on social media. Heath also issued a statement A recent interview seems to strongly suggest he’ll make a comeback, though it’s not explicitly stated in 2023.

Victor Martinez and the GI crew debate whether 2023 is the right year for Phil Heath to make a comeback. Martinez points out the obvious risks to Heath’s reputation above all else. If Heath comes out and loses in his 2023, his legacy will stall further. this is, Jay Cutler Attempted a comeback, but was low in the standings (at least compared to his former glory).

On the flip side, Jay Cutler’s legacy hasn’t been tarnished too badly in the grand scheme of bodybuilding history.He remains a true legend and one of the greatest athletes in the history of the sport. Victor therefore believes that despite the risks, Phil Heath is likely to compete confidently without major upsets.

In addition to this, Victor Martinez thinks Phil Heath still has what it takes to really win in 2023, unless post-surgery recovery permanently damages his physique. It is far more impressive than anyone currently Olympia stage. So the question is personal to Heath. Does he feel capable of doing the best he can from his heart? If the answer is yes, it might be worth doing.

Will NFT fraud hit the bodybuilding industry?

NFTS seems to be everywhere these days, but optimism has quickly faded in 2022. Many celebrities have been criticized for lending their names to NFT and cryptocurrency commercials in light of major scandals such as FTX.

A small number of bodybuilders and bodybuilding brands have attempted to promote NFTs.Although the sport never took over, the athlete Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler have stepped into the NFT market. With that in mind, could the cryptocurrency or his NFT scandal hit bodybuilding?

Victor Martinez claims the last thing the sport needs now isn’t more negative attention after the deaths of so many young athletes in 2021 and 2022.Hollywood stars I already have.

Beyond scams, Vlad Yudin believes NFTs in general are mostly a passing fad. He believes his 99% of NFTs will eventually be worthless.

Victor isn’t too concerned about how NFT failures will affect celebrity athletes. He’s more concerned about low-income people he invests in wanting to change his life by being cheated or cheating himself.Martinez eventually turned it into an investment in the stock market. For example. You never know what the future holds, but you don’t want to miss out on whether or not you have the money to make. So invest only what you can safely invest in.

*Note: Please also note that Victor Martinez and the GI team are not financial advisors. This is just an opinionated casual conversation and does not constitute professional financial advice.

wrap up

This week, Victor Martinez and the GI team delve into a variety of topics that can’t all be covered in one easy-to-read article. So be sure to check out the latest episodes. generation iron podcast Moreover. Don’t forget to check back every Tuesday for new episodes on the Generation Iron Fitness Network or wherever you can download the podcast only.

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