Tulipart.com Launches Collection of Daily Minted Tulip NFTs Over 7 Years


Tulippart.com is a collection of 10,000 unique Tulip NFTs. Four Tulip NFTs will be minted each day for seven years until the goal of 10,000 is reached.

Each Tulip NFT is made up of 6 different components, ranging from common to exclusive, making them more or less rare.

New Tulip NFTs are not available for direct purchase. These will only be distributed to $LAND token holders through the lottery system. Participation includes holding and staking $LAND tokens. Staking more $LAND tokens increases your chances of getting Tulip NFTs every day.

$LAND tokens are available for free through our ongoing airdrop. Tulippart.com. Anyone with an Ethereum address can check their eligibility. Not qualifying for the airdrop will not prevent you from raising $LAND on Uniswap, effectively increasing your odds of winning a Tulip NFT.

About the tulip part

Tulipart.com is a cutting-edge platform that fosters innovation and creativity in the cryptocurrency and NFT space. Based in Zug, Switzerland, a global hub for blockchain technology, his Tulipart.com is home to a unique collection of his 10,000 unique Tulip NFTs that will be minted over seven years.

If you are interested, please visit Tulippart.com Claim $LAND tokens, wager and win Tulip NFTs.

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