Tucker Carlson Beats BTS, Taylor For Biggest Tweet Of The Week


Last week, Tucker Carlson won on Twitter. The former FOX News star has resurfaced nearly three weeks after his dismissal and announced he’s found a new home. The social media service is currently run by owner Elon Musk, albeit briefly. The post inevitably dominated the news, surpassing posts by giants like Taylor Swift, BTS, and “Chief Twit” himself.

Street forbesAs of Saturday afternoon, Carlson’s tweet posted on Tuesday had garnered 194,000 retweets and 891,500 likes. For context, these stats are even bigger than member Min Yoongi’s photo, which has garnered 176,600 retweets and 530,600 likes. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift has been posting updates about her The Eras Tour, with her most popular tour garnering 56,000 retweets and 463,400 likes.

Tucker also took down Musk’s post in which he revealed that he would hand over the reins as Twitter CEO to NBCUniversal executive Linda Yaccarino. That one “only” garnered 36,100 retweets and 408,000 “likes”.

Congratulations Tucker Carlson. However, victories can be disastrous.Jen Psaki talked With NBC News’ dark web expert Ben Collins, we’re throwing cold water on the gamble. He noted that Twitter “wasn’t really meant for hour-long videos.” After all, Twitter is for scrolling endlessly and temporarily releasing dopamine, not pausing to stay for long. “I don’t think he understands,” Collins added. “He’s just a guy on Twitter now.”

Psaki added that Carlson’s demos — old, angry Republicans accustomed to the old-fashioned telegraph — aren’t the kind of people you see on Twitter. “How many 65-year-olds would change their daily lives so much?” she pointed out.

Shortly after Tucker’s announcement post went public, Musk appeared to distance himself from the announcement and even vowed to crack down on people known to spread misinformation and other false information. Also worth pointing out. (good luck!)

But for now, Tucker is the winner when it comes to paying a lot of people to interact with his Twitter posts, even though a significant portion of them may not actually be his fans.

(via forbes and MSNBC)

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