Top Goals for Crypto Investing in 2022

Top Goals for Crypto Investing in 2022

2022 is a historic year for cryptocurrenciesIn 2022, cryptocurrencies took the global spotlight when the Russian-Ukrainian military conflict erupted.


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Before the market could fully digest the aftermath of the disaster, the US Treasury Department announced sanctions on Tornado Cash, sparking heated debate.When investors think things can’t get any worse FTX Files For Bankruptcy, Founder SBF Arrested (Because He Was Bailed).

The NFT boom caught the attention of the non-cryptocurrency industry, but the market was unable to withstand the continued pressure of deleveraging. As a result, the overall cryptocurrency market capitalization has fallen$790 billion, up from $2 trillion at the beginning of the year.

crypto crash

Meanwhile, Bitcoin exchange netflows have been negative for a long time. Nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that every crisis is also a great opportunity for players to reorganize the market. While some funds have exited the market, many institutions are investing in cryptocurrencies at the same time.

According to incomplete statistics, as of December 16, 2022, 1,533 fundraising activities took place in the cryptocurrency market.Notably, world-renowned market maker Citadel Securities raised $1.15 billion on January 11, 2022. This is the largest cryptocurrency fundraising of the year.

UST project Luna Foundation Guard ranks second in this regard, raising $1 billion on February 23rd. So what are the most popular crypto investment categories in 2022?

After scrutinizing the data, of the successfully funded blockchain actors, 276 are focused on Web3, 170 are working on NFTs, and 141 specialize in decentralized protocols and supporting services. , found 117 people specializing in GameFi projects and 112 people targeting blockchain technology applications. , 93 are metaverse builders, 30 run wallets, 14 are involved in crypto-hi mining, 13 are involved in ethereum, and 5 are market-his makers.

Number of donations

It’s easy to see from these numbers Web3 holds the largest share with 275 successful fundraisers, 40 of which occurred in August and 35 in SeptemberAlthough the number of investee companies at the end of 2022 has decreased, it remains at a slightly higher level than at the beginning of the year.

number of funds

Now let’s turn our attention to the scope of this funding. Excluding the 19 companies that did not disclose the details of their funding, 256 Web3 companies to raise nearly $2,397.9 million in 2022Fenix ​​Games, a Web3 games publisher backed by Phoenix Group and Dubai-based VC firm Cypher Capital, has raised $150 million, ranking first among 256 companies by funding in 2022. rice field.

plan datum main emphasis funds raised
phoenix games 2022.11.25 Web3 game publisher $150 million
symbolic capital 2022.08.25 Web3 Venture Capital $50 million
Vegas One 2022.07.28 Web 3 distribution platform for casino games $50 million
DeFi Alliance 13.01.2022 Web3 startup accelerator $50 million
Wildcard Alliance 14.06.2022 Web3 game startup $46 million
reap 27.10.2022 Web3 payment company based in Hong Kong $40 million
spark 22.09.2022 Web3 game community platform $40 million
exterior 2022.08.30 Web3 game developer $40 million
moral 11.05.2022 Web3 development platform $40 million
spark July 4, 2022 Web3 game community platform $34 million

NFTs are the second most popular investment target. In 2022, the sector recorded 175 loans for him, most of them in May and July. Moreover, their numbers are declining year by year, indicating that the market is declining in popularity.

the number of

Let’s take a look at the funds raised. Excluding 13 companies did not disclose specific numbers, the remaining 162 NFT companies raised about $2.526 billion in 2022. Specifically, the C round of NFT marketplace OpenSea, which Paradigm and Coatue participated in, raised $300 million, ranking first in terms of funding size.

In addition, 6 other NFT companies have raised over $100 million.NFT project parent DigiDaigaku ($200M), Solana-based NFT marketplace Magic Eden ($130M), NFT platform Genies ($150M), NFT game developer Immutable ($200M), NFT Including Limit Break ($100 million), which includes development platform Pixel Vault, and Autograph ($170 million), an NFT platform.

plan datum main emphasis funds raised
high seas May 1, 2022 NFT Marketplace $300 million
limit breaking 29.08.2022 Parent company of NFT Project Digi University $200 million
immutable July 3, 2022 Launching NFTs $200 million
magic eden 21.06.2022 Solana-based NFT Marketplace $130 million
genie 12.04.2022 NFT platform $150 million
sign 20.012022 NFT platform $170 million
pixel vault March 2, 2022 NFT platform $100 million
doodle 13.09.2022 NFT project $54 million
evidence 2022.08.31 Parent company of NFT Collection Moonbirds $50 million
Zora May 6, 2022 NFT Marketplace $50 million

These numbers show that Web3 experienced a boom at a time when the NFT market gradually declined in popularity. Nonetheless, weaker market conditions at the end of 2022 have reduced funding. Meanwhile, investor attention shifted to decentralized platforms, and centralized institutions were often hit by security incidents.

Amid the Pandemonium, Many Institutional and Individual Investors Have Decided to Exit the Crypto SpaceHowever, there are market players who always put users first in order to improve the market environment and attract more users.

One example is CoinEx, a world-famous cryptocurrency exchange that just celebrated its fifth anniversary. Thanks to user-friendly products and attractive services, CoinEx is recognized by his over 4 million users in over 200 countries and regions around the world.

CoinEx homepage

In 2022, the exchange changed its brand slogan to “Making Crypto Trading Easyer”. Behind those simple words is repeated product testing and countless service upgrades. Today, CoinEx celebrates its 6th year in the cryptocurrency space and continues to perform without incident for the 6th consecutive year. We wish CoinEx and its users all the best.

Disclaimer: This article does not provide investment advice and the statistics presented here are for reference only. The information contained herein should not be relied upon as the basis for making any investment decision, which is the sole responsibility of the customer.

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