This is exactly how Love Island contestants choose which second-hand clothes to gift their villas

This is exactly how Love Island contestants choose which second-hand clothes to gift their villas

They receive a giant “dream” item before entering

Love Island is finally back and saved us from our January gloom. And all of this year’s new contestants take only a few hours to haul their giant suitcases to their villas in South Africa. , in fact already waiting in the wardrobe. But how exactly is it chosen for each contestant?

“Like last season, the eBay wardrobe is a shared wardrobe,” eBay pre-loved stylist Amy Bannerman tells The Tab. “We buy certain pieces for people after we meet at ITV’s press day. These are some of the items that are presented to them when they enter the villa,” she explains. .

“When I met them at ITV’s press day, I always asked them if they had anything on their wish list,” Amy reveals of the pre-series styling session. “Then my team and I go to make their dreams come true by putting their dream items in a gift box. If that doesn’t work out, we’ll send them to a shared villa. Nothing is wasted.” will not be.”

“We have time where we can try them out,” she adds of taking measurements of the contestants. for the sake of

Of all the outfits that Amy and her team of stylists have placed at their Love Island vacation home, she expects a pink Jacquemus blazer dress to be the most popular. “Everyone loved [that] when I met them,” she says. “So I expect to see it cross the screen at some point!”

Aside from the pink blazer dress, there are four key aesthetics Amy chooses for her islanders every day. Tutti Frutti, Business vs Party, Dressed Denim, Heavy Metal. But if you’re as confused by these notions as we are, here’s what it looks like in action and why it’s been chosen for this season’s Islanders.

Tutti Frutti

“Tutti Frutti is all about color and joy. Pinks, yellows, oranges and blues all come together in explosive neon blazers and bright two-pieces.

love island 2023 clothes

business vs party

“I take inspiration from Bella Hadid and Pete Davidson. I blend party wear with loose tailoring to create unique looks that can be worn day or night,” says Amy of her smart-casual aesthetic. explains.

dress up denim

“Everyone has an item of denim in their wardrobe. We want people to revisit their shopping habits. It brings life to it,” Amy explains of the double denim look seen on Tasha last season. .

love island clothes

heavy metal

“I decided to bring back some rebellious dressing: metallic skirts, leather jackets and heavy metal vintage tees,” adds Amy of the final look. “The trend is both influencing self-expression and showing beloved classics that will last a lifetime, inspired by Courtney and Travis.”

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