These are the most compatible and least compatible islanders according to the zodiac sign

These are the most compatible and least compatible islanders according to the zodiac sign

Of course Olivia is a Gemini

The reason most men are fed up with dating apps is because women want to know about their zodiac sign. It may seem silly, but knowing someone is a Leo or a Libra is much more about the stranger’s personality than where they were raised or what cocktail they’re going to order. It teaches us a lot. So it’s not surprising that a show like Love Island, which is supposedly about finding “the one,” still doesn’t have contestants doing birth charts to gauge their compatibility with their current partners. It’s amazing.

“Zodiac compatibility is very useful when pairing people. It shows us what attracts people to each other and what bothers us in the months and even years before that happens.” says the celebrity psychic and astrologer. Inbal Honigmann“Water signs are more emotional, Fire signs are active, Air signs are people ideas, and Earth signs are practical.”

So which Love Island 2023 contestants have the most compatible zodiac signs?

Anna May and Harris – Compatibility Score: 85%

From the very first couple, it seemed that Anna Mae and Harris were not on good terms. reboot, they are astrologically 85% compatible. “Sagittarius Anna-May came across her match in Sagittarius Harris,” says Invar. “MeIt’s a fun, fun, fun sign. Travel and adventure are their raison d’être, bringing laughter throughout the villa and sweeping people away in party animal style. I enjoy meeting “

Harris Love Island

Olivia and Will – Compatibility Score: 75%

At some point you have to wonder if the stars are blind. These two are meant to be, because after Olivia and Will’s first awkward hug as hell, they’re meant to be, but apparently, their zodiac sign is an 80% match for him…

“Gemini Olivia and Virgo have huge potential,” says Invar. “Gemini is a flirtatious and gregarious sign, always with a party vibe, while Virgo is a much more sensible sign, mature beyond age. If you don’t clash with her flirting, These two could make a great love story.”

“Interestingly, Tom and Will are born a day apart,” adds Inbaal of the recently reunited bombshell Olivia. It will be interesting to track if they attract the same girls!

love island olivia

Credit: ITV

Kai and Taniel – Compatibility Score: 75%

Kai seemed unsure if he would be particularly invested in his relationship with Taniel after noticing high demand at the villa on their first date. “Taurus Kai can be a great chemistry with Taurus Taniel as both are the same down-to-earth, cool-headed sign,” says Invar. Sensual, hilarious, and smart–are doubled in this combination. It may look like

Credit: ITV

So which Love Island couples are the least compatible?

I’m literally starting to wonder if this list has somehow turned upside down because the most astrologically incompatible couples are shocking.

Shaq and Tanya – Compatibility Score: 40%

From the moment they bonded, Tanya and Shaq seemed smitten with each other. . “Shaq, Aries, and Tanya, Aquarius, are astrologically opposites,” says Invar. “He’s outspoken, outspoken, and active. She’s mysterious, quirky, and dreamy. Both signs have great senses of humor, so if you have a lot of laughter, this really works.” However, both are signs that need a lot of space, so they may not want to invest so much in a relationship. Aquarius is very loyal and Aries is very flirtatious.”

Shaq and Tanya

Credit: ITV

Lana and Ron – Compatibility Score: 50%

Their mutual love for Harry Potter isn’t always what it was meant to be because Lana and Ron are only 50% compatible. “The relationship between Scorpio Lana and Leo is volatile,” says Invar. “Both signs are very passionate and driven by desire. But Leo likes to be honest and open, while Scorpio likes to keep small secrets. Leo likes Scorpio.” will accuse Leo of playing games, and Scorpio will see Leo as selfish.”

love island long

Credit: ITV

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