Ted Russo’s big season 3 cameo was years in the making for Jason Sudeikis


“It’s not just his choice, it’s also his body and silhouette, you know?” Sudeikis continued. “So he’s got something like Mick Jagger’s little waist. It’s like having to cut an extra hole in the belt.”

This cameo comes at the end of a climactic showdown between AFC Richmond and current Premier League leaders (real-world winners) Manchester City. It was an important game not only for Lasso and the team as a whole, but also for secretly the best player of the season, Jamie Tartt. He originally played for Manchester City and left before the end of the season to become a reality TV star. one.

After Richmond won, Guardiola gave Ted Lasso some words of wisdom and then shared time with former player Jamie.

This season’s “Ted Lasso” has been a bit controversial. The production is capable enough to deliver plenty of touching moments, football exhilaration, and great pop culture elements, but in his second-to-last episode, Coach Beard finds himself living his own life. was particularly interesting to compare with the life of Jean Valjean. Too long and curvy. And I was too devoted to the overwhelming story of salvation. Still, moments like Guardiola’s cameo are worth it.

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