Star Wars Vision creators enjoy a gray area for Sith characters


“All kids want to take a walk on the dark side and the wild side once in a while,” Josh Rhimes explained to Screen Rant. “Even though I grew up watching the original trilogy, I only felt the mystique of Darth Vader. What happened? What happened to him? [have] All this power? What does that mean? When you actually dissect it, you can see that Sith was also human. They were Jedi who chose the wrong path. This is just a personal choice and I think it’s a universal one. ”

The first episode of Visions Season 2, “Sith,” was animated by El Guili Studios and stars a former Sith apprentice named Laura (Ursula Corbero). Ashamed of her past, Laura seeks to heal her soul using the Force and painting as her art therapy, but an encounter with her former Sith master forces her to seek peace of mind. It will interfere with your trip. To defeat her old master, Laura embraces both sides of herself and symbolically wields her half-green, half-red lightsaber. “The light and the dark are part of the painting. They’re part of me,” she insists.

Sith characters are inherently compelling, but that’s because they’re grossly imperfect. Their flaws are what lead them down a dark path, which is both relatable and enigmatic in a different way from the Jedi.

“It’s a matter of whether I choose the right choice or the selfish choice. Am I going to choose power?” [being] more generous [and] “Peace or not?” Rhymes explained. I think “Screechers Reach” in particular really shows the truly compelling way these options can catch up with you. ”

“And it doesn’t seem so obvious right away,” added co-producer James Waugh.

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