She’s the first girl rumored to attend Love Island 2023 this summer


The new series is set to return to ITV soon after the winter edition ended in March, with Kai Fagan and Sanam Harinanan being voted the winners by fan votes.

Fans are now awaiting confirmation of the season’s start date and an official cast announcement.

First Rumored Girl for Love Island 2023

Chloe Baker is reportedly one of the girls proposed to move into the Mallorcan villa tab.

Khloe was reportedly approached to join the Winter Series, so she could be “top of the list.” love island 2023 Producer.

According to The Tab, she is an Instagram model and TikTok influencer who has worked with popular apparel brands such as PrettyLittleThing, Missy Empire and Lipsy London.

Those paying attention may have noticed that Sanam is one of her 17,100 followers.

Love Island’s summer return date ‘revealed’

A person close to the ITV broadcaster revealed. Sun The newspaper reported that Love Island’s return date will be Monday, June 5th.

A source said:love island starts on June 5th, just as people start getting ready to enjoy summer.

“ITV has already lined up the islanders for the show’s villa in Mallorca.

“The cast will be leaving late next month to prepare for the show’s launch in just eight weeks.

“It’s very exciting and those working on the show can’t wait to get started.

“The series will run for eight weeks, which means that the couple that wins the show will stay in the villa for two months.

“Maya also wants to work on this series and is just munching on it right now. Her participation is expected to give Love Island a real boost and see ratings skyrocket.”

however, ITV “No dates have been officially confirmed,” a spokeswoman said.

What do we know about ITV’s Summer 2023 Love Island?

Some details about the show have been confirmed, including locations for the new series.

Just minutes after the winter version ended, the show’s Instagram page told fans: “We will be returning to Mallorca this summer, so you can apply to join the Villa now! Visit loveisland/apply.” All information is #Lovelsland. ”

The cast will return to the £2.57 million rustic villa used during the series last summer.

Home includes a 20-meter swim, allowing contestants to relax before each challenge or terrifying reunion.

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