Shannen Doherty’s health: her battle with cancer and where she is now


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  • Shannen Doherty is an actress best known for ‘Beverly Hills 90210’.
  • Former child star was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015
  • She revealed in June 2023 that the disease had spread to her brain.

Shannen Doherty Her battle with breast cancer revealed that it was exacerbated because the disease had spread to her her heartbreaking clip shared with her Instagram In June 2023, Beverly Hills 90210 After announcing that a CT scan revealed symptoms of Mets, the actress showed herself undergoing radiation treatment. [metastasis]around her brain. She also noted that the first dose of radiation for a brain tumor was given on January 12th.

Shannen Doherty revealed that breast cancer had spread to her brain. (Shutterstock)

As fans know, the post was another example of Shannan speaking so openly about her health concerns that she called it her duty. “Apart from my life as an actress, I feel that I have a responsibility in public … to talk about cancer, maybe to educate people more, and to help people with Stage IV be very much alive and very active. It’s about letting people know,” she said.She said in September 2021, according to american weekly.

The heartbreaking news comes as Shannan continues to put on her bravest face during this difficult time, including her divorce from her husband of 11 years. While fans continue to send their congratulations to her beloved star, learn more about her health issues below.

Shannen Doherty diagnosed with cancer

In 2015, Shannan was first diagnosed with breast cancer. She “had a lump and had a mammogram and then a biopsy,” Doherty recalled. health magazine February 2019. “I was in the car with my mom when the results came in, and I only found out. The longer I sat, the more depressed I started to cry. I called my husband. From there, I just put the team together.”

Shannen was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. (Frank Micelotta/Fox/Picturegroup/Shutterstock)

The actress also claims that her dog Bowie, who was the first to discover that something was wrong. “She was obsessively smelling my right side for a long time,” Shannan said. E.T. “So it made sense to get the diagnosis.”

After eight rounds of chemotherapy, Shannan underwent a single mastectomy in May 2015. [Bowie] I just felt right about this area,” she explained. E.T.. “Then when I had my first chemo, she smelled my whole body up and down. And while she used to always be protective, she was this crazy, protective dog.” became.”

In 2018, she spoke cautiously about her remission. “I have a little bit of fear and anxiety. I felt lost for a second. I was like, ‘Okay, what do I do?'” she said. Good morning, America. “But as it gradually begins to permeate, I become happy and very excited, but then I have to wait 5 or 10 years. So remission is a crazy word to me. ”

The actress continued her treatment, but more bad news arrived in February 2020. She had her cancer come back and progressed to Stage IV. “A lot of people diagnosed with stage IV are kind of abandoned,” she said at the time. “They are assumed to be incapable of doing their jobs or performing to their full potential, but that is not true. I sincerely hope so.”

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells in the breast divide uncontrollably and can invade other tissues. American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Breast cancer can spread outside the breast through blood vessels and lymph vessels. When the breast cancer spreads to other parts of the body, it is said to metastasize, as it did in Shannan’s case.

In terms of treatment, most patients undergo surgery for breast cancer and also receive additional treatments such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and radiation. mayo clinic.

How long has Shannen Doherty been sick?

As previously mentioned, Shannan was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. Even when in 2020 she had a recurrence of breast cancer and she had to battle it while filming the reboot, she fought it bravely. Beverly Hills 90210. “I don’t think I handled it. It’s a bitter pill to swallow,” she said in February 2020. But then I’ll go… well, why shouldn’t I go? Who deserves this more than me? None of us are. ”

She kept a brave face even when she had to shave her head due to hair loss from radiation therapy. “I remember going into the shower to wash her hair and her hair started falling out in clumps,” Shannan recalled. health. “I started screaming for her mother. I think it was harder than the surgery. I decided to shave my head immediately. A friend came over and shaved for me. We laughed and cried. ”

Now, Shannan’s battle continues with the news that her cancer has spread to her the instagram video About the initial treatment for the new diagnosis, Shannan wrote: But the fear… Confusion… all the timing…. This is what cancer looks like. ”

How is Shannen Doherty doing today?

The news of cancer metastasizing to her brain is heartbreaking, but Shannan seems to remain as optimistic as she did during her battle with the disease. She has spoken out several times about the silver lining of her diagnosis. “I think it made me a better actor,” she revealed GMA. “I also think it’s made me a better person. It removes all your walls, all your barriers, everything life throws at you…because you’re protecting yourself.” , yes, it all rolls down.”

She is also not ready to say goodbye to her loved ones. “I’ve never sat down and written a letter. That’s what I have to do,” said the actress. Elle “But every time it’s time to do it, I feel like it’s final. I feel like you’re signing off, but I’m not. I feel like a very healthy person, and when you feel like you have another 10, 15 years to live, it’s hard to end yourself.”

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