Russia says supply of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine poses ‘huge’ risks for West: TASS By Reuters


© Reuters. File photo: An F-16 aircraft flies during a NATO media event at an air force base in Malbork, Poland, March 21, 2023.Reuters/Lukasz Glowala/File Photo

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Glushko said on Saturday that Western countries would be exposed to “enormous risks” if they supplied Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets, TASS news agency said.

Glushko answered a question about the impact of Ukraine’s request for NATO countries to provide jets.

US President Joe Biden told G7 leaders on Friday that Washington supports a joint allied training program for Ukrainian F-16 pilots, a senior US official said. rice field.

“We see that the West is still sticking to the escalation scenario, which entails immense risks for us,” Grushko said.

“In any event, this will be taken into account in all our plans and we have all the means necessary to reach the goals we have set.”

Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Colonel Yuri Ignat told EspressoTV that Kiev’s deployment of F-16 fighter jets would provide defensive cover in areas beyond the range of anti-aircraft missiles, so “we will win this war.” would,’ he said.

“We need the F-16 to be an integral part of our air defense. These fighters can engage air targets from both high and low altitudes,” he said, adding that the aircraft could carry advanced weaponry. added.

“Using the F-16, our ground forces will be able to target enemy command posts, military groups and logistical supply chains to rapidly liberate occupied Ukrainian territory,” he said. said.

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