Rita Ora Recounts That Night With Tessa Thompson and Husband Taika Waititi! – Perez Hilton

Rita Ora Recounts That Night With Tessa Thompson and Husband Taika Waititi! – Perez Hilton

Taika Waititi Thruple’s story might have shrugged, but a year and a half later, his wife has been in steadfast denial.

In the latest issue of GQ Hype, rita prays Finally breaking her silence about her super sexy PDA pics, Taika and Tessa Thompson From May 2021.In case you missed it, Taika and Tessa were filming in Australia Thor: Love and Thunder When they rested for the night — and decided to spend it with their then-girlfriend at the director’s house. They were photographed early in the morning, got intimate, and at one point shared a three-way kiss. (and reportedly made marvel Executive nervous! )

When Tanaka asked about it, he simply said,

“I think in the Internet world, everything is going to go away very quickly. I hadn’t done anything wrong. fine. “

So to speak, it doesn’t exactly put these steamy rumors to bed!

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Now, his now wife has a different reaction. She called the idea that she and Tyka were romancing Tessa together too “silly” to ever talk is.

“I decided not to admit it because it’s silly. If something is silly and it’s hard to understand what it means, I think you can just ignore it. I don’t want to put my energy into something that doesn’t exist.” Because trying to explain something that isn’t happening is like implying that you haven’t eaten anything.

ok but it’s not none, correct? I mean, I saw a picture! They looked like they were having a good time!

She explains it pretty clearly for those who need it.

“Have you ever been in a situation where you drank a lot and everyone was your best friend? Became”

LOL! We know what she means! But one of them is now her husband, and one of hers is his frequent colleague anymore, so no strangers. Eventually, like Taika, after all the dismissive talk, she basically admits something happened. No!

“Literally – it’s [photo] It was just a group of friends having a good time.they [Taika and Tessa] It was a crazy schedule and everyone was on their own terms. I like that. each independently. “

Something good came out of the internet buzzing about this possible trouble. she explained:

“But the good news is that when I’m talking to fans on Twitter, all of my incredible LGBTQIA+ fanbase actually, whether this is true or not, is saying, ‘This is public. I was very impressed that it was normalized to.” It made me really happy. I don’t know who I am touching. ”

That’s certainly a better representation of what’s going on than sister wives!

What are your thoughts on Rita’s reaction? Was it as inconsequential as her ringing it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section (below)!

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