Richard Garriott’s New NFT MMO Gone Without A Trace


Today, NFTs don’t dominate the headlines as they did about a year ago. From this time, an MMO project in which Richard Garriott participates will also appear. I also reported on the games announced by the creator of the Ultima series at the time. following August iron & magic Full name of the title. It should be built on NFT and blockchain technology. Since then, however, the project has been pretty quiet, especially on Reddit.

Iron & Magic?

Massivelyop reports that the Iron & Magic website is already offline. This was first noted on his MMO subreddit. Avatar shroud. Garriott also played a leading role in the project, which is still remembered for its lack of transparency, unfulfilled promises, or questionable technology. So it’s no surprise that many fans are skeptical about the new title.

For a while the website link pointed to the game’s Facebook page, but that is no longer the case. Nothing has been posted here since September. The MMO’s Discord server also seems to have gone quiet since March. Even the website of Iron & Magic backer DeHorizon doesn’t always provide detailed information about the title’s status. All in all, MMOs leave a lot of question marks.

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