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(MENAFN-Zex PR Wire) May 10, 2023, Maui, Hawaii, Zex PR wire , Rize is about to launch a decentralized multi-chain NFT marketplace that is gaining a lot of attention in the crypto space. Rize is built on a layer 1, 3rd generation, enterprise-grade blockchain called coreum.

Rize issues airdrops to almost every blockchain and many projects. Includes Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Solana, XRP, Coreum, Sologenic, Cosmos, Teritori, Stargaze, Osmosis, Near, Tezos, Cardano, Hedera, and BSC. Rize has chosen to do this to support the NFT space and the crypto space as a whole in this tough market.

The Marketplace is launching this month, early this week! Stay tuned for the chance to win additional tokens, free customizable profiles, and exclusive whitelisting opportunities!

The team also shared their roadmap for 2023, including the publication of a whitepaper, enhancement of token utility, strategic partnerships, cross-chain bridge from XRP to Cosmos, and more.

Rize’s bet on the NFT community

Rize is a decentralized marketplace that provides a safe place to trade not just on one blockchain, but on nearly any chain. This means that if someone lists her NFT, he who displays the NFT will not just be one small community, but multiple communities and many blockchains.

Rize also features direct peer-to-peer serverless messaging. Individuals can thus connect and discuss different works of art. This allows the exchange of ideas and feedback, leading to better artwork, and the ability to negotiate, barter, and trade someone’s favorite his NFTs without missing a sale or opportunity.

Using the social app features of other popular sites such as Instagram, Rize provides NFT holders with likes, comments and other great features. Among these, you can use customizable profiles to highlight your style and showcase your favorite assets like never before.

Rize Earnwise Initiative

Rize is more than an NFT Marketplace with the Rize Earnwise Validator.

How to make money with Rize? Stake Coreum with the Rize Earnwise validator and access and listen to podcasts, interviews, and informational content about technology and self-development. That way, you’ll be rewarded for your time by focusing on self-development. These features are in beta, but the reward pool continues to grow!

All funds created by Rize are returned to the community, and Rize’s system is autonomous and run by smart contracts that can be changed by consensus voting.

Rize is the future of decentralization, a way to make space for self-sustaining communities.

reminds me of lize

Rize is a platform focused on empowering users within the Web3 space. It provides users with a safe and secure place to communicate without worrying about data being transferred or stolen.

Rize allows for multi-chain connections, allowing everyone to take advantage of what each chain can do when used together.

Rize is built on Corerum, a 3rd generation Layer 1 blockchain. Those who decide to give Coreum a try should consider staking with Rize Earnwise to maximize their earning potential!

If you would like to learn more about this space, please visit our social media pages listed below. His social media pages and the team’s website provide details and knowledge on topics relevant to the project’s ecosystem.

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