Rarible Announces 100% Free NFT Marketplace Builder

Rarible Announces 100% Free NFT Marketplace Builder


  • Raable, one of the most widely used NFT Marketplacehas started tool in order to help NFT Creator Set up a bespoke NFT marketplace for your projects and collections.
  • The tool is free, but its use is limited to projects and collections hosted on the Polygon network. According to a press release shared by nft now, it is a platform built on top of the leading NFT blockchain Ethereum.
  • No coding knowledge is required to use this tool. This tool allows you to customize your new NFT Marketplace.
  • Royalty enforcement could be entirely on-chain, potentially protecting creators’ project earnings from policy changes.

why it matters

Many of the reasons that distinguish being involved in the Web3 side of the Internet from things like Web2 institutions are: Instagram, EbayEtc. is the focus of Web3. Decentralization of power structures It’s unique to the Internet we’ve grown accustomed to in the last few decades.and now rareOne of the most popular NFT marketplaces for creators and collectors, has launched a tool that allows users to create their own NFT marketplace. Such a setup would be unthinkable in Web2. This is perhaps best represented by the near-total monopoly of the mobile app marketplace by Apple and Google.

Importantly, this royalty enforcement can be entirely on-chain, helping protect creators’ long-term project revenue. Loyalty policy changes Set by the marketplace. Of course, the next logical step would be to allow users to create their own NFT Marketplace, giving them complete control over their projects and collections. In this creator-first ethos, Rarible has designed the NFT Marketplace Builder to be easy to use without sacrificing the level of customization available to creators interested in using the service. So, in addition to giving users the ability to tweak the look and feel of their custom NFT marketplace, Rarible gives users complete control over their implementation. usage fee In the marketplace you created.

Rarible also offers a white glove service to allow consideration of features and customizations not available in the basic marketplace builder tools. Projects using this service include: Cryptopunks V1, pixel vaultand Fox’s Krapopolis When Fox Deportes NFT project.

Creating an NFT marketplace requires no coding knowledge on your part and is completely free. Besides waiving upfront fees for using the NFT Marketplace Builder, Rarible also states: its website Users who use the tool do not have to pay monthly fees, or transaction fee Once your custom NFT marketplace is live, it’s ready to go.

what’s next

In addition to aggregating and increasing the number of NFT collections and projects hosted on five blockchains, Rarible Loyalty Registry, smart contract This allows users to easily set royalty terms for their works. Rarible also offers a marketplace builder for Ethereum ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFT collections, despite claiming new tools specifically for creators hosting collections on the Polygon network.

Rarible co-founder and CEO Alexei Falin said in a statement shared on nft now: “Self-service tools are essential to making this happen.” For artists and creators looking to coordinate every aspect of a project starting in the NFT space, Rarible’s new tools are a giant leap in the right direction.

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