Paris Hilton to launch new NFT collection in Sandbox this week


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Renowned media personality, model, actress and businesswoman Paris Hilton has announced plans to launch a new non-fungible token by the end of this week. Hilton has partnered with her Web3 company, The Sandbox, for the new Metaverse project.

Paris Hilton launches new NFT collection

In a May 22nd blog post, Paris Hilton confirmed plans to launch a new non-fungible token collection. The new Paris-themed NFT will launch on May 24th at The Sandbox. The NFT collection contains fixed editions of 5,555 avatars.

The Paris-themed NFT will feature Paris Hilton’s avatar disguised in a magical outfit, among other notable features. The NFT collection will include four different tiers, including tickets to the recently sold Los Angeles show.

Cryptocurrency investor and media personality Paris Hilton, known for her modeling, entertainment and media work, entered the Metaverse sometime in December 2021. Since then, Hilton has made waves in the NFT and metaverse space, becoming a top NFT collector.

Paris Hilton NFT and the Metaverse Journey

Hilton to spotlight in metaverse space in early 2022 after launching several NFT projects, including New Year’s Eve party at Roblox and ‘Paris: Past Life, New Beginning’ which quickly sold out within hours collected.

Earlier this year, Paris Hilton, through her media company 11:11, sold Paris-themed NFTs and purchased Sandbox’s Digital Land to host Metaverse events. In February, Hilton launched a Metaverse event for couples on Valentine’s Day.

The Metaverse Experience brought singles together and offered a unique dating experience using aspects of games and interactive television. The Metaverse Experience also included other options such as choosing wedding rings and outfits, discovering the secrets of the island’s chef’s famous Love Her Burger, rescuing a castaway, and flirting with other contestants. . The Metaverse experience ended with a virtual wedding where Paris Hilton herself acted as her DJ.

With over 22.5 million followers on Instagram today, the well-known investor continues to rise as one of the leading NFT influencers. Hilton recently earned the title of ‘Queen of the Metaverse’ and ‘Crypt Vienna’. She joins the names of prominent landowners who have contributed to the growth of Sandbox.

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