Nike Launches .SWOOSH As Bitcoin NFTs Soar


Bitcoin NFTs are having a great moment this week, placing just behind Ethereum NFTs in terms of revenue. Meanwhile, NFT lending platforms and lending services are also gaining momentum. While Blur’s Blend dominates with 82% of the NFT lending market share, Binance has released its own NFT lending service that allows holders to use quality NFTs as collateral to secure ETH loans.

Nike’s .SWOOSH platform also released its first collection of digital sneakers, which has sold more than $1 million to date, but the Mint’s process has been fraught with many delays and technical difficulties for eager buyers. I faced a problem and it was not an easy one.

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Come on, Bitcoin NFTs: Data from CryptoSlam shows that Bitcoin’s NFTs continue to grow in popularity, jumping to second place in terms of revenue per blockchain, behind Ethereum. Bitcoin NFTs are a relatively new phenomenon, as they were virtually non-existent until January 2023, when their inscription took effect on the Bitcoin mainnet.

Nike’s Rough Road to $1 Million: .SWOOSH, Nike’s Web3 collectible platform, released its first NFT sneaker collection called Our Force 1, which surpassed $1 million in sales despite the mint unevenness. After being postponed multiple times, the sale, which opened in “first access” on May 15, faced multiple technical issues that hampered the user experience. The “General Access” sale started on May 24th, two weeks after the date it was originally proposed, but many people were unable to cast due to traffic and technology issues. The sale is ongoing, but despite the fact that many NFTs have not sold, Nike has already deemed the sale a success on Twitter.

NFT lending trends include: NFT lending platforms and loan services are in a temporary situation as buyers seek new ways to enter the NFT market without investing thousands of dollars.

what: A 2,136 edition NFT collection, Pixelgeist fuses fashion, art and technology through vibrant and colorful artwork created using artificial intelligence. The collection consists of new artwork in silver in various edition sizes, each of which is a “pixel art” described as “a digital entity that embodies the essence of an AI soul trapped within a portrait.” I’m drawing Geist. Each purchase came with an NFT, a digital and physical wearable with artwork and a digital avatar in special clothing.

how: During the casting process, collectors were asked two questions that determined the artwork and clothing combination they received together. The collection has sold out, but many are still available on the secondary market at OpenSea.

Doctrinal Commentary: Columnist Jeff Wilzer interviews Own the Doge DAO member TriDog, who is working on a wild documentary to tell the story of the memecoin.

Way of God: Gods Unchained, the highest-grossing trading card game on Ethereum, Revamped the project roadmapplans to launch a mobile version for both Android and Apple devices by the end of 2023.

Metaverse Master: The Chinese Web3-friendly city of Nanjing, which previously launched a $1 billion blockchain fund, state-sponsored organizations It aims to promote Metaverse research nationwide.

Virtually kill: Hosted by Decentraland 3 days pride event Featuring virtual art installations and live music performances.

There has been a significant resurgence of interest in the NFT lending market following the launch of Blend by NFT marketplace Blur, which has already recorded hundreds of millions of transaction volumes. This week he added that two companies, Binance and Astaria, have entered the market with their own offerings, but these are not the last.

However, before putting NFTs into any of these lending protocols, you should know how they work and the set of options available to you to make money without selling your NFTs. This guide explains it in detail.

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