NFT Copyright Wars: Grumpy Cats Move On


The viral meme NFT and brand owners have issued an official letter to Twitter user SlumDoge Millionaire, who was promoting $GRUMPYCAT tokens without authorization. This has triggered new charges of intellectual property infringement.

Iconic pet meme Grumpy Cat enters legal battle with Web3 creators @a_o_o_o_o_ (SlumDoge Millionaire) for suspected intellectual property infringement. The controversy began on May 22, when Grumpy Cat’s official Twitter account shared an official letter to Slumdogge. In the letter, Grumpy Cat accused SlumDoge Millionaire of illegally using its copyright to promote $GRUMPYCAT, a Web3 token, without permission from the original Grumpy Cat team.

According to NFT collector @BenLashes on Twitter, SlumDoge Millionaire blocked Grumpy Cat immediately after the announcement. But the legal battle is just beginning.

The importance of intellectual property rights has been a hotly debated topic in the relatively unregulated NFT market to date. One notable intellectual property litigation in the Web3 space involves Yuga Labs’ lawsuit against Ryder Ripps. Ryder Lips allegedly utilized Yuga Labs intellectual property from Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) in his own NFT project titled RR/BAYC. Ultimately, Yuga Labs won the trial.

Another example of NFT suspension lawsuits emerged when luxury fashion brand Hermès accused artist Mason Rothschild of infringing on an NFT collection called Metabirkin. Rothschild’s collectibles included a slightly modified version of Hermès’ iconic Birkin his bag his line. Trial in this dispute is still ongoing.

As the ceasefire between Grumpy Cat and Slumdogge Millionaire unfolds, it underscores the growing importance of respecting intellectual property rights in the NFT space. The outcome of this legal conflict will undoubtedly affect the future of NFT works and their relationship with copyrighted material.

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