Musk Drug Examined For A 12 months After Rogan Smoke Session

Musk Drug Examined For A 12 months After Rogan Smoke Session

Elon Musk needed to endure one 12 months of federal drug testing after smoking marijuana on Joe Rogan’s podcast.
Musk, who’s the richest man on the planet and one of the vital influential personas round, appeared on Rogan’s notorious podcast again in 2018. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX opened up for an intimate interview with Rogan like most friends do. Musk and Rogan talked about a wide range of matters earlier than UFC’s shade commentator launched slightly weed to the scenario. Most speculate this was the primary time Musk each tried the satan’s lettuce.

Following his look on Rogan’s podcast, Tesla’s inventory plunged round 9 p.c after buyers and stockholders witnessed Musk’s smoke session with Rogan. It price the corporate billions.
Earlier this week, Musk made an look on the “Full Ship” podcast and revealed to the Nelk Boys that his smoking adventures on Rogan’s podcast additionally led to a 12 months of federal drug testing.

“I did get plenty of backlash, as a result of it’s nonetheless federally unlawful,” stated Musk.
In line with the billionaire investor, the federal government drug examined him for almost every little thing because of the federal contracts tied to SpaceX. It was merely unhealthy optics and Musk needed to atone for his blunt-smoking methods.
“SpaceX has federal authorities contracts, so our rivals have been like, ‘Why aren’t you doing something? Have a look at him openly smoking weed on Joe Rogan’s podcast’,” Musk stated.

“They drug examined me for every little thing.”
Musk, who’s at present price greater than $260 billion, has recovered properly from the incident. Nonetheless, it simply goes to indicate how a couple of moments on Rogan’s podcast might land even the wealthiest man on the planet in scorching water. With 11 million listeners per episode, Rogan’s Spotify podcast has that sort of attain.

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