Murder in Idaho: Brian Coberger is said to be talking about victims from prison as police focus on key footprints – Perez Hilton

Murder in Idaho: Brian Coberger is said to be talking about victims from prison as police focus on key footprints – Perez Hilton

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Aside from what fellow inmates have said about his behavior in prison, Brian Coberger Has been largely silent after being charged with four murders University of Idaho student in November last year.However, sources reveal details about him have Spoken briefly at various points.

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Police sources ‘involved’ in grad student extradition process rater county jail talked to people Regarding the report released on Tuesday. Sources say Coberger was “really nervous” while moving from his original location in Pennsylvania to the Idaho prison.

The insider claimed that the accused killer “chatted” with officers during the extradition, adding:

“He looked very nervous. As he reassured himself that all this was not terrible.

Kohberger, of course, had Miranda’s rights read out after his arrest, but that’s standard procedure. And, as we’ve been reporting, he’s a criminology student, so he knows that part of the legal process.

To that end, sources revealed that Coberger didn’t say much about the incident or what he was accused of doing. allegedly dropped.

“He said, ‘It’s really sad what happened to them,’ but didn’t say anything more. He’s smarter than that.”

He is currently being held at the Lata County Jail, awaiting his next court hearing, which is scheduled for later this week.

While in prison, the accused killer is kept in a cell away from all other inmates, apparently for his own safety.A source there revealed more important details about its current living situation peoplethat too:

“He talks to himself and stays away from the other prisoners. But he also chats with the guards and seems to be getting used to it.”

Well, maybe I’m used to it. After all, a Ph.D.The student has been charged with murder and is likely to be held there for quite some time. Madison Morgentwenty one, Cary Gonsalvestwenty one, Zana Carnold20, and Ethan Chapinback to November 13, 20 of last year.

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Now, police are continuing their case against the man, and another key piece of evidence has come to light. clarified. van brand sneakers.

This may be a spectacular development, but fox news digital If investigators can tie the footprints to the 28-year-old’s shoes. However, as the outlet points out, it’s still unclear if police found his shoes to match.

Still, the press told the former New York Police Department inspector and lawyer Paul Mauro Regarding the evidence that may be obtained from finding and recording shoe prints. A forensic expert not involved in the case told the news network that potential blood evidence, possibly obtained via print, could be important to the case.

“First of all, they got the footprints, but with the technology they’ve done, it sounds like what they picked up was a bloody footprint, so maybe he’s in the house. He stepped into some kind of blood and left that impression, but apparently it was very vague… very faint. had to use , which means he may have wiped it out.


Investigators now believe that a criminology student may have been prowling outside the victim’s home. dozen The times before the murders in mid-November. creepy…

Undoubtedly, more information will come to light as police continue their claims. Here are some of the latest from the investigation.

As we pointed out (above), fox news digital Coberger confirmed he will be back in court for his next pretrial hearing on Thursday.

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