Moonbirds: Release Tokengate Playlist on Spotify with NFT


Spotify recently announced that it will adopt Web3, introducing NFT gates and tokenized playlists. This exciting development will allow music and blockchain enthusiasts to actively participate in playlist compilation and have a say in decisions. His Moonbirds NFT playlist on the Spotify app is currently only accessible to her Android users and can be unlocked by connecting the wallet to his key for one time.

A tokenized playlist pilot is currently being tested in five countries, resulting in a 1.5% increase in the lowest price of Moonbirds NFTs after the news was announced. Also curated by SongBirds and Danny Lee, a playlist titled “Sound of a Digital Renaissance” is actively soliciting suggestions from the cryptocurrency community on Twitter. Polls show that more than half of respondents want electronic jams and lo-fi his house jams in their playlists.