Megyn Kelly expects Tucker Carlson’s Twitter show to be in trouble after DeSantis campaign failure: ‘I’m not going to work with him’


On Wednesday, all eyes were on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis meeting with Elon Musk via his Twitter space to formally announce his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election. As we now know, the highly publicized event was plagued with technical glitches and service crashes during his first half hour. And Megan Kelly thinks it doesn’t bode well for Tucker Carlson’s move to social media platforms.

“There was definitely a glitch in Elon and his platform, but how the hell couldn’t the DeSantis team make sure Elon and his friends were completely safe? Are you ready? Kelly. said Thursday on her podcast, “The Magin Kelly Show.” “Let’s hope they fix this issue before Tucker starts posting because crashing 600,000 viewers doesn’t work for him.”

As TheWrap reported on Wednesday, DeSantis’ campaign launch, which was expected to be backed by Mr. Musk, went completely offline before the politician even had a chance to speak, due to stuttering. rice field. At its peak, Space had 650,000 listeners and was left in the dark as host David Sachs whispered, “You keep crashing.” in the background.

Kelly classified the debacle as “what kids might call ‘epic failure'”.

“I felt embarrassed and awkward, and I felt bewildered and unsettled, like a disaster was unfolding before my eyes,” she said. “You can’t look away, but watching can be intuitively uncomfortable.”

Elon Musk and 500,000 guests panic as Twitter crash cuts off Ron DeSantis' inauguration

But the newscaster emphasized his support for DeSantis and Musk’s efforts to move away from traditional media (as the former Fox News anchor said on his eponymous podcast). ), also said he supports Mr. DeSantis’ policies (“most of them, anyway”)”).

“I salute everyone involved for choosing another medium and avoiding the mainstream media that hates DeSantis and is also hated by most Republican voters,” Kelly said. “I stand by the mission, but its execution here, kindly put, didn’t work out. How the hell couldn’t the kinks be worked out beforehand?”

Kelly also provided critical feedback on the content of the announcement since it began, questioning why DeSantis approached his controversy from the top instead of remaining “aggressive.” He said the questions from various panelists were too “softball”.

“There was no spice, no challenge, nothing newsworthy,” she says. “I wrote a sentence for the team that I never thought I would write. I miss my journalists.”

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Worse, she said, was a factor in DeSantis’ likeability.

“Perhaps my worst sin is that I never once laughed or sympathized with the candidate during all this … He didn’t joke at his own expense. He didn’t even tap into the righteous anger that so many of us are feeling, so that’s why he’s in Florida. It has influenced many of the policies of the United States,” she said. “Maybe he doesn’t have that gene. Maybe he’s just a man with pen and paper passing the proper bills, and that’s a blessing enough. But he is going up against the voter-loved man, who is now 30 to 45 points ahead of DeSantis…that’s Donald Trump and the voters in his base, the people DeSantis is trying to convince. True adoration, loyalty and love between Twitter will not work if you cut them off with “great policies.” ”

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