MAFS and Love Island’s Al allegedly with 17-year-old Tiktok star

MAFS and Love Island’s Al allegedly with 17-year-old Tiktok star

MAFSMore When love island Star Al Perkins was allegedly spotted on a beach date with the 17-year-old Tiktok star.

MAFSMore When love island Star Al Perkins is said to have been spotted dating 17-year-old Tiktok star Hope Keresis. So dramatic! Reported.

according to So dramatic! Fans spotted Perkins “at Coogee Beach with a very tanned girl with long back hair and big boobs.”

“They got along all day long,” said the fan. “They were throwing sand at each other and playing.” He also sent a photo of himself, adding, “The girl next to him is the girl he used to hang out with.”

Shortly after that, another fan contacted me So dramatic! And Hope claimed he was the woman he was with. It was getting closer,” a fan wrote.

Al or Keresis have yet to address the speculation.

this will come in a few days Al pretended to denounce Jess Rothlund on social media The next allegation is that the two decided to break off the relationship and be friends.In a series of posts, Al made fun of him love island The co-stars claim they were disappointed with their time at the villa. Posting a photo with Jess, he wrote:

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In another photo he writes: Perkins later revealed that the post was done as a joke and that Rothrund had been there all along.

According to Perkins, the two decided to pursue their relationship outside of the vacation home. finally dropped the idea“We still FaceTime every other day. I really appreciate her being in my life and the journey we’ve been on. A friend,” he said.

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