Love Island’s Sharon Gafka looks amazing in a cutout bikini


LOVE Island star Sharon Gafka looks stunning in a cutout bikini in Greece.

The 27-year-old reality star lounged on a swing chair and soaked up the sun in a gray bikini.

Sharon Gafka looked great laying down in a gray bikiniCredit: Instagram
Fans dubbed this star a Greek goddess after she shared snapsCredit: Instagram

Sharon had her brunette hair pulled back and looked content in her dark-hued outfit.

She wore pins and wore a stunning swimsuit set to show off her enviable physique.

Sharon wrote “Greek hair” in tribute to her location, and astonished viewers jumped into the comments how attractive she was.

One wrote, “Queen,” another wrote, “Somebody called the Greek Goddess?”

A third added, “Great as always,” while a fourth added, “OMG,” followed by a fire emoji.

The former civil servant released two snaps in a bikini, the second showing her hair to the side and leaning forward on a swing.

Sharon’s sexy snaps were posted after she revealed she was enjoying a secret romance with a celebrity.

The star, who has used his post-Love Island fame to raise awareness of his drinking spike, has leaked a secret about his personal life.

Sharon was addressing fans during a Q&A on Instagram.

They asked, “Would you ever date someone who isn’t in the public eye?”

Uploading a sexy snap in leather thigh-high boots, Sharon aptly replied, “This is the only dating question I’m going to answer, because I’ve taken it a little too far.” .

“In the last two years, I’ve only dated one person in public, and it’s been five minutes at most, so it’s not known outside of my inner circle.

“I want an unknown, unknown relationship.”

She added, “I’m not dating ATMs anyway. I’m not interested.”

Sharon’s sexy snaps released after revealing she was enjoying a secret celebrity romanceCredit: Instagram

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