Love Island producer reveals why show was largely scrapped

Love Island producer reveals why show was largely scrapped

LOVE Island executive producer Mike Spencer has revealed why the show was largely scrapped at the end of the series.

Usually, when the season of a popular romance show ends, finalist Enjoy the wrap party.

The love island wrap party has been discontinued


The love island wrap party has been discontinuedCredit: ITV

But after the finals of this year’s Winter Series are over and the winning couples are rewarded, there will be no popping bottles or ruined dance moves.

Mike says:

“A villa is someone’s home – budget and things! It’s literally over as soon as the live final is over.

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“It was a guest house and you could rent rooms, but I think that’s changed now.You can rent everything.”

of wonderful south african villa is the maximum and Still the “sexiest,” according to Mike.

The villa owner took it over two years ago and remodeled it.

The couple are both high-level triathletes and wanted to reflect their sports backgrounds.

Bosses spent £1.2 million Charming South African mansionto host the New Year singleton winter edition.

And there’s a naughtier twist inside than ever before.

The Hideaway, called Hideaway Retreat, features an armoire “full of naughty stuff” that the producers call “good times.”

The charming space features its own plunge pool for islanders to spend one-on-one time in style.

The Suntrap is said to be perfect for ‘long hours’ due to its outdoor space.

A recent addition to the villa is a brand new treehouse with perfect views of the distant mountains.

it has football When rugby There are pitches, 400m running tracks, ziplines, mountain bike trails and more.

The estate is spread over 25 acres in the nearby Wine Valley. Cape Town.

The mansion has 17 bedrooms, a treehouse and a T-shaped pool.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

This year's villa


This year’s villa was named ‘sexiest’ everCredit: ITV

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