Line Reveals 5 ‘Gamer First’ NFT Games Set To Release In 2023 – Decrypt


Line Next, the NFT-focused U.S. subsidiary of Asia’s popular social app Line, has revealed the first five games it plans to release on its Web3 gaming platform. game dosi In late 2023.

New Web3 games include Sweet Monster Guardians, Vestria the Last Order (VLO), KEROZ, Drawship Kingdom Reverse, and Project GD. The last of these IPs is an internally developed IP that will likely span multiple games in the long run.

According to the company, each title will have its own game mechanics. The first Game Dosi title to offer an NFT presale, Sweet Monster Guardians is a browser-based strategic defense game from developer Movisoft built around strategic placement of unique characters.

Screenshot from Sweet Monster Guardians.Image: Game Doshi

Players can immerse themselves in VLO’s collective role-playing adventures and tackle quests together. This PC and Mac game has a Final Fantasy feel and is developed by SIS Studio.

Those interested in dungeon crawling “rogue-like” games may instead choose to look to KEROZ, an action-adventure experience for mobile and PC created by Superflex. Drawship Kingdom Reverse gives gamers the chance to earn his NFT rewards via avatars, machines and dolls. This browser-based game is developed by Nolatency Limited.

Few details have been released about Project GD, but Game Dosi’s website states that the fantasy IP will be a competitive trading card game (TCG) with NFT-based card decks.

prizes and giveaways

Game Dosi’s official launch is scheduled for May 18th. Early in its debut, the company said it would offer a membership sale that included gold and platinum tier NFT passes that grant perks like early access to new games.

Under the tenet of “Gamer First, Web 3rd”, Game Dosi will provide NFT rewards from upcoming Project GD games. Players can earn rewards by completing missions on the company’s community website. His deadline is May 31st.

The second chance to win an NFT prize will be in the form of a raffle, with participation determined based on Game Dosi’s Discord signup count, the company said. Game Dosi also said a secondary lineup of additional titles “featuring globally popular content” will be released in the second half of the year.

Game Dosi is built on the Finschia blockchain, a network formerly known as the Line blockchain and before that as the Link chain. LINK is Finschia’s native cryptocurrency.

This is not the first time the Line brand has made inroads into NFT. IPX, the parent company of the popular Line Friends character, recently clearly Cooperative partnership with Chiru Labs, the company behind the Ethereum-based NFT project “AZUKI”. Each brand will explore together the possibilities of content and products featuring their IP.

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