Inflation: NAB economist Alan Oster suggests inflation peaked in the December quarter as price and cost growth slowed

Inflation: NAB economist Alan Oster suggests inflation peaked in the December quarter as price and cost growth slowed

The New South Wales government has said up to 500,000 people will have access to a multi-hundred-dollar rebate on tolls, with opposition calling on the government to postpone an overhaul of the city’s vast toll network. There is

“We know this will make a real difference in people’s lives,” Prime Minister Dominique Perrotet told reporters on Tuesday.

“We want people to spend more time with their families and less time on the streets. not.”

Eligible drivers can access rebates worth up to $750, dating back to July 1 of last year, treasurer Matt Kean told reporters.

Launching Tuesday, the rebate program offers a 40% discount on tolls to drivers who spend $375 or more on tolls annually.

An individual can claim up to $750 per fiscal year once per quarter, and a sole proprietor or business owner can claim an additional $750 for a total of $1500.

Mr Keene added that the money would be returned “within a few days” once the driver’s application was submitted to the service NSW.

The New South Wales Department of Labor has called the delay in the government review a handbrake for Sydney, described by experts as the world’s highest toll city.

In 2021, the government has announced a review of Sydney’s toll system. The report was due to be completed in September last year. However, the prime minister confirmed last week that the review was delayed and would not be delivered until after state elections on March 25.

A labor spokesman for Roads John Graham called on the prime minister to release the report before the election.

“The fact that this review is hidden is an acknowledgment that Sydney’s tolls are out of control,” Graham said.

“Sydney is now the world’s most expensive toll city thanks to Dominic Perrotet.”

“Publishing this review is an opportunity for a real city-wide debate on fee reform during the campaign.

“Instead, it seems the prime minister has simply given up.”

In 2019, academics from the Institute of Transport and Logistics at the University of Sydney said Sydney topped the list of the world’s most tolls.

“Sydney now has more toll roads than any other city in the world.

At the time, Professor Hensher suggested that the system be overhauled so that users would pay per kilometer during peak hours and drive for free during off-peak hours.

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