I was on love island

I was on love island

Former Love Island contestants have revealed how much the show paid them – and viewers were shocked.

Now that our favorite reality TV series, Love Island, is back on our screens, many of us are wondering if participants get paid during the show, and if so, how much.

Demi spilled the beans on her 2020 show appearance — and people were shocked


Demi spilled the beans on her 2020 show appearance — and people were shockedCredit: Tiktok – @demijones

good, Demi Joneswho appeared on the show in 2020 spilled the beans – and it turns out it wasn’t much.

Taking to TikTok, where she has more than 640,000 fans, the star said the 24-year-old earned under £300 a week.

“I personally got a salary of £250 a week, but this is obviously to cover all my bills at home.

“So you can rent an apartment, you can rent a car, everything.

“Obviously, Love Island wants to have everything covered so you don’t get into financial trouble while on vacation.”

Demi who has since ended things Luke Mabotadded that this year’s contestant amounts may vary.

“I don’t know if it’s the same as it is now, but that’s what I paid for.

“Working hard when you come out will make up for it.”

Demi didn’t comment further on the payout, but viewers certainly had something to say – and they weren’t impressed.

Many flocked to the comments to express their shock, but hundreds said that wasn’t enough.

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“£250 a week!! I can’t pay my bills while on vacation!!” exclaimed one TikTok user.

Someone else would be similarly mortified, saying, “£250. A week!!! It doesn’t even cover local taxes or the gas and electricity gods robbed for it.”

“£1,000 a month is not enough to cover our bills, which is very low,” agreed one-third.

“Everyone says low, but you don’t have to go to the show,” read another comment that was liked over 700 times.

Since appearing on the show, many contestants have shared interesting insights about the hit show. Shauna Phillips is no exception.


The islanders’ speeches during the terrifying reunion give them the chance to tell their partners how they really feel.

But Shauna looked sensational when she saw Cardi B at the star-studded Wireless Festival at Finsbury Park.

speak above i need to remove it On the podcast, the reality stars revealed that reunion takes a lot longer than it seems.

She said: “Hours.

“But when you’re doing something like, ‘Why do you want to couple with this person…? Say., Pause.”

Shauna continues:

“So talk about it at dinner time. It’s really produced.

“They want you to chat and certain things. It’s a TV show, so you know.”

She also denounced the infamous Heart Rate Challenge as “the meanest thing ever.”

The challenge requires the islanders to put on a sexy show to see who really goes.

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Shauna says: [to dance].

‘I told them [show producers], ‘Give me pants, tights, or thigh-high boots and I’ll go out naked with nipple tassels. ”

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