Gerard Butler’s ‘Has Fallen’ Series Hits Television


of Olympus has fallen After all, the franchise may not be dead, so deadline reports that the series will move to television in 2019. paris fellA new story led by Mathieu Kassovitz. The show will be distributed across Europe by StudioCanal. Gerard ButlerThe hero of the movie trilogy that has established itself as a high-profile action series may make a cameo appearance. In the TV sequel, Kasoftis will play Vincent, the French envoy’s bodyguard who is targeted by a terrorist group led by villainous Jacob. Agents team up with MI6 operative Zara to keep politicians safe, but ultimately uncover a wider conspiracy.

In the original film, Butler plays Mike Banning, a former US Army ranger and now friend of the then president.Aaron Eckhart). After years of Banning protecting Usher, their bond grew stronger, uniting them just before they faced the greatest threat at hand. A terrible car accident took the life of the First Lady (Ashley Judd), leaving the president in a vulnerable position. A year and a half after the devastating loss, Usher is attacked by a group of North Korean terrorists and it’s up to Banning to rescue Asher before it’s too late.

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The film grossed $170 million worldwide at the box office, and considering its modest budget, it was more than successful enough for the studio to pull off. London has fallen Three years after the original movie premiered in theaters. In the second installment, Banning must once again defend President Usher as he prepares to attend the British Prime Minister’s funeral (Clarkson Guy). Instead of a tedious diplomatic trip across Europe, they find themselves under attack by a terrorist group that promises to live-stream Usher’s execution online, and Banning puts his best action skills to the test to stop them. will do.

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Banning was built into the trilogy capper

Following the success of ”, development of a third film began. London has fallenAnd in 2019, Gerard Butler reprized his role as Mike Banning. angel fell. After a drone strike hit US new president Alan Trumbull (morgan freeman), evidence found within the scene seems to point to Banning being responsible for the violent strike that forced the protagonist to flee. In the shocking final installment of the series that manages to make its screen debut, Banning must clear his name while defending the president.

While we await further news, paris fellcheck out the official trailer for the last movie in the series. angel fellbelow:

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