FOX News is mad at non-binary Transformers characters


Lego, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads, The Muppets, and M&Ms, to name just a few that have caused Fox News to have a seizure. What they have in common is that they perceive themselves to be ‘awakened’. For example, Tucker Carlson, who had previously been thrilled with animated green M&M characters, was furious when he was introduced to brown candy, describing him as a “clearly cranky lesbian.” . Tucker is gone, but Laura Ingraham remains and is now obsessed with non-binary Transformers.

Street mediaitefriday night times Ingraham Angle Partially dedicated to the Paramount+ manga Transformers: Earth Spark, resigned in November. In particular, she was upset about the new character Nightshade, who uses them/them pronouns. In a scene Ingraham shows on air, she apologizes to a character for mis-gendering her. In another piece, another character declares his pronouns to be “she/them.”

Well, Ingraham didn’t like it, lashing out at the kids’ show for “shoving stupid pronouns down the throats of seven-year-olds,” adding: Get the pronouns right. ”

she wasn’t done yet. “Well, this isn’t normal, it’s not trendy, it’s not cool,” Ingraham said of what kids these days consider normal, trendy, and cool. “These are destructive and corrosive lies, and they will only end when enough responsible adults say, ‘Stop it. We are no longer funding this. So. Don’t be afraid to stand up and say so. ”

Which children’s entertainment will FOX News accuse of being “woke up” next? Perhaps when Bob the Builder is resurrected, he may moonlight as a drag queen and earn the ire of Megyn Kelly.

(via mediaite)

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