Elle Fanning mourns death of ballet teacher Wendy Lawson: ‘My second mother’

Elle Fanning mourns death of ballet teacher Wendy Lawson: ‘My second mother’

Elle Fanning She is deeply mourning the loss of her beloved ballet teacher. Wendy Lawson.

24-years-old Maleficent The star shared her update Instagram On Saturday (January 21st), I am writing an emotional tribute to the late instructor.

Wendy ❤️ All great and powerful Wendy LawsonI have never met a more elegant and powerful person. You fought till your last breath. you are my family My second mother,” she began.

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“I wish everyone in the world knew about the force of nature that you are. I’m sorry for those who didn’t. But the life you touched will change forever. You instilled in me.” Lessons and wisdom know that I have yet to discover… We were your pupils, but more importantly we were your children. I would give up anything just to hear you say the word “child” to me again in your soft lyrical voice. Oh, I miss our conversations and your hugs that can drown out all the sorrows. ” Elle I have written.

“I hope you will always be proud of me and continue to make decisions in my life that you are proud of. You are my fairy angel now and guiding me. It hurts that you’re not here, but I know you’re in Heaven.Hunting with King Charles Spaniels, Oliver and Trevor, hunting with Artemis, and most importantly , dancing with my beautiful mom,” she continued.

“Meeting you on my last day was an excruciating pain that I didn’t want. But you handled it with grace. You are the strongest person I have ever met, You’re the only person I know who had the perfect bone structure to pull off a pixie cut. It’s what’s left.I’m nothing without you.I love you.”

our thoughts are together Wendy Lawsonloved ones during this difficult time.

last month, Elle It was her first red carpet appearance in years with her boyfriend.

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