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dwayne johnson are preparing for fast and furious come back!

After making a cameo appearance in the newly released film, Fast Xthe 51-year-old actor announced that he has signed on to star in a spin-off featuring his character Luke Hobbs.

In the process of announcing his ‘long-awaited’ project, he referenced a former feud with his co-star vin diesel and revealed how his film fits into the series.

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dwayne confirmed their comeback on Instagram on Thursday (June 1).

“I hope I’m wearing foundationwear…Hobbs is back,” he teased in the caption. “Luke Hobbs will be back again” fast and furious franchise.Worldwide reaction to Hobbes’ return Fast X Surprised us 🤯🙏🏾🌍”

He went on to explain how the film will unfold and hint at what fans should expect. fast and furious A movie featuring a legendary lawyer becomes a HOBBS movie that serves as a fresh new chapter. FASTX: Part II

with respect to Vin, he said: “Last summer, @vindiesel and I forgot all about the past.

“I’ve built my career around the ‘spectator first’ ethos, and that will always be my belief.”
Polaris,” dwayne Added.

A video with captions dwayne thanks for the support of the fans Fast X cameo. He also suggested what to expect from the film.

“There’s not even unfinished business between us Jason Momoacharacter, by the way you did a great job with Dante’s character. Nor is it an unfinished business between Dante and Hobbes. Business will pick up soon. Oh it is. Business is picking up.so if you think so the rock is versus stone cold steve austin Headlining three WrestleManias—if you think it’s earth-shattering, wait until you see what happens when Dante and Hobbs collide. “

I’ve put together a complete timeline if you’re interested. dwaynefeud with Vin.

Press play for Dwayne Johnson’s announcement video below…

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