Cyber Brokers Quest #4: Accomplished | NFT CULTURE | NFTs & Crypto Artwork | Interviews and extra

Cyber Brokers Quest #4: Accomplished | NFT CULTURE | NFTs & Crypto Artwork | Interviews and extra

Spice and Ken arrange a gathering with Soleia to see what info she had that might assist, however they realized that she was unable to recollect something from the time in query. Spice and Ken had been decided to not quit and took Soleia to see Intoxicating the Common, a Gene Editor, in hopes that she might assist restore the recollections that Soleia had misplaced.
They realized a Reminiscence Dam had been implanted in Soleia to dam her recollections, and so they tried to erode the dam to get a small portion of her recollections again. The process was successful, and Soleia remembered being locked up in a chilly place and that the Hubur Key (one in every of Asherah’s 7 key relics) was wanted to get her out and in. They realized that ShaDAO will need to have taken Ken to the identical place, and that they would wish the Hubur Key to rescue him. Fortunately, Soleia remembered precisely who held the multi-sig pockets that contained it. However they must execute a troublesome coordinated d-mezz of all 3 of them on the identical time in an effort to burn the multi-sig pockets and drop the unburnable relic.
With the information that Soleia supplied – that the three ShaDAO members are Stanton, Luther Radioactive, and Fay from Acidic – questers turned to The Moderator for assist. The Moderator was capable of present questers with some details about the ShaDAO members, nevertheless it was as much as the questers to find out in what order to hold out the assaults for every. After discovering the places of their targets, questers engaged in a focused advert marketing campaign to hold out the assault by luring the targets to every location by block 7200. This led to the profitable declare of the Hubur Key by Soleia.
Quest Puzzle Options
SummaryQuest #4 launched The Moderator as an interactive character in Discord as gamers labored to find what it might take to avoid wasting Ken.
Throughout the Quest, members did the next:
Adopted the breadcrumbs left within the ShaDAO paperwork The Moderator supplied, which led them to Exploit from Rosey in Discord. Exploit from Rosey then gave questers a brand new position and entry to the DarkNet channel.
Questers helped The Moderator decrypt a profile ShaDAO had on a CyberBroker named Soleia.
Questers realized that in an effort to rescue Ken they wanted the Hubur Key, which is held by ShaDAO brokers in a 3 particular person multi-sig pockets.
Gamers cut up into groups of Thoughts, Physique, and Soul to unravel a puzzle, observe down in style places that every goal frequents, and ship focused advertisements out on Twitter in an effort to lure the targets to their places previous to the coordinated assault at block 7200.
Puzzle Walkthrough
Discovering The ModeratorQuesters started by receiving a message from Spice questioning if a breadcrumb path was left by The Moderator on the best way to discover them, as they stands out as the just one who will help discover Ken.
Then, questers took a better take a look at the 5 ShaDAO paperwork beforehand uncovered in Quest #3:
Questers discovered a novel string discovered inside the key phrases of the meta-data of the paperwork.  There have been 5 strings whole to be discovered – every listed beneath.
These 5 strings had been the 5 items to a Shamir Secret Sharing Scheme that was used to separate secrets and techniques amongst many individuals (such is pockets seeds) and was recombined right here:

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