CryptoPunk NFT Sold By Benzinga For 49 ETH


Benzinga – CryptoPunks is a generative art collection and one of the first-ever applications of NFTs to digital art. There are only 10,000 punks left, some of whom are thought to be lost forever.

what happened: CryptoPunk #8043 sold for 49.49 ETH (Crypto: ETH) ($87,630 USD). CryptoPunks’ value is usually determined by their punk attributes, with hoodies, beanies, and pilot helmets being the most popular features. Other kinds of punks (zombie, ape, alien) are incredibly rare and sell for a premium.

Below is a list of its attributes and how many other punks have the same characteristics.

  • accessories: braided hair (463)
  • accessories: Big Shade (535)
  • type: Female (3,840)
  • accessories: 2 attributes (3,279)

why it matters: Cryptopunk is the ultimate rookie card for NFT collectors. CryptoPunks has gained significant clout in his 2021, with dozens of celebrities proudly showing off their punk ownership on his Twitter. Cryptopunk sales are a leading indicator for the rest of the NFT market, showing that some are willing to spend large amounts of coin on blockchain-based art.

Price action: Ethereum is currently trading at $1,770.41, down 1.01% over the past 24 hours.

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Data provided by OpenSea.

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You can read more about this NFT here.

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