Cloverfield’s Paradox Ending Explained: Bringing It All Together -/movie


In “The Cloverfield Paradox”, the planet is depleted of resources and international tensions are rising. Hamilton (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) is on an experimental mission in space, and her team is trying to build a particle accelerator called “Shepard” that can generate unlimited energy on Earth. After more than a year of unsuccessful tests, the crew of the Cloverfield Space Station managed to successfully start up the accelerator…until the accelerator melted down. When they stabilized the ship, the earth had disappeared.

Strange things start happening around the station. Believing his German colleague Schmidt (Daniel Brühl) deliberately destroyed a collider, Russian astronaut Volkov (Axel Henney) goes mad and uses a 3D printer to build a gun. Irish scientist Mandy (Chris O’Dowd) is partially sucked into a wall, causing his arm to disappear…then reappearing in isolation with a mind of his own. A woman named Jensen (Elizabeth Debicki) suddenly appears on the wall with power cables running through her body. She claims to be part of the crew. Everyone decides that they must have been sent to another dimension by stepping on the accelerator.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Hamilton’s husband Michael (Roger Davis) finds the city reduced to rubble by a series of explosions. Something huge attacked, but it could only be seen as a moving shadow in a cloud of smoke. Michael rescues a girl (Clover Knee) from a collapsing house and carries her into an emergency bunker to await catastrophe.

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