Christian Singer Amy Grant Explodes Homophobic Reaction to Niece’s Gay Marriage – Perez Hilton

Christian Singer Amy Grant Explodes Homophobic Reaction to Niece’s Gay Marriage – Perez Hilton

Amy Grant No time for homophobia!

In case you haven’t heard, the Christian singer got into hot water with a homophobe when she agreed to host her niece’s same-sex wedding at her farm. people On why her decision to host this wedding is so important, and why it’s important to ignore negative thinking haters:

“I don’t chase rabbits down the rabbit hole. I love my family and I love those brides. You should be able to be loved by your family.


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Sadly, in 2023, many still have problems with same-sex marriage. I really hate that. Everyone loves and deserves to be loved, so I’m so glad Amy is doing so well for her niece!

(Needless to say, Christianity did not invent marriage!)

the farm is baby baby The place where the songstress hosted her wedding means a lot to her family and loved ones – it’s where she and her husband are Vince Gill Tie a knot:

“I own a farm that I bought in the 90s and they were looking for a beautiful place to get married. I got married halfway through.”

so sweet! A special moment that connects her and her niece for a lifetime…

And as for the 62-year-old’s faith and spiritual convictions? She loves to give.she spoke to washington post As I explained last summer:

“Honestly, from a faith standpoint, I always say, ‘Jesus, you’ve narrowed it down to two things: love God and love one another.’ it’s simple.

It is amazing lucky one I recovered in time to finish my wedding plans! As you may remember, Christian Her Queen of Pop was hospitalized due to a bicycle accident in Nashville, postponing her people Over the weekend, she gave an update on the incident after a horrific crash that left her with memory problems, saying, “I’m happy every day.”

“The biggest was the two months after the shipwreck. It was really depressing. Everything was canceled and I just said, [Gill] “Something happens to people every day. Take it one day at a time. We are here. I love you.” And I feel really great… well, they said it takes 12-18 months to recover from a head injury, so every now and then, I talk to someone. , and I gasp and say, “Are you kidding me?!” But I’m telling you, I’m happy every day.

We are so happy to hear that she seems to be on the uphill side and is loving her family. Congratulations to Amy’s niece and her new niece-in-law! Reaction, avid reader?

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