Ashton Kutcher reacts very unfavorably to Danny Masterson’s rape allegations – Perez Hilton

Ashton Kutcher reacts very unfavorably to Danny Masterson’s rape allegations – Perez Hilton

Since the allegations against Danny Masterson First surfaced, so we wanted to hear a good response Ashton KutcherNot only did they star in that 70’s show They have been good friends for a long time, netflix sitcom Ranch, that too. When Masterson was accused of sexual assault by multiple women, the show was still on and his character was canceled.

Ashton was silent the entire time. But now the question arises again. that 90’s show It reunited all the living cast members from the original show, except for Masterson, whose controversial rape trial is currently up in the air.

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After years of gathering his thoughts, Ashton is finally ready to answer questions about his old friend. Esquire, he explained how the accusations and subsequent prosecutions are difficult to come to terms with.Look, Hyde is a bad boy That 70’s Show, Masterson was actually a mentor to all the young stars, keeping them in line and avoiding drugs and other damaging decisions. Ashton recalls:

“He said, ‘One fucking rule: Don’t do anything stupid. Fuck this.’ Because if you fuck it, fuck it for everyone.”

Well, I think he broke it.

Ashton says he’s still in contact with Danny’s brother Chris Masterson He hopes that Masterson will be “found innocent of the charges brought against him.”

Wow. what? ?

What he’s saying isn’t that he wants his companions to get off the hook of rape, he wants Masterson to do so. Become Pure. If a court finds his friend not guilty, do you think he can accept it as the truth? Will he ignore all the accusations made by these women?

“After all, I don’t know. I’m not the judge. I’m not the jury. I’m not the DA. I’m not the victim. And I’m not the defendant. In that case, there’s no space to comment… I do not know.”

Wow it’s just so far believing womanOf course there will be nuances on a case-by-case basis, but we’re talking about multiple women with credible accounts. We know it’s very hard to square a version of what they did with the worst they did, but when something like this happens, bury your head in the sand for wanting your friend back. You can not.

Paying tribute to the victims, Ashton said:

“My heart goes out to anyone who feels violated in any way.”

“…for those who are feeling…”?? Shit. It’s like when someone says they’re sorry if they’ve offended you. I don’t know if he could have made a weaker, nonsensical remark if there was a laugh track behind it.

What are your thoughts on Ashton’s statement??

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