Allison Hammond and Linda Robson want to star in Love Island spin-off ‘The Roman’

Allison Hammond and Linda Robson want to star in Love Island spin-off ‘The Roman’

Allison Hammond and Linda Robson love the sound of the series (Photo: ITV/Getty Images)

It’s been almost a decade since we saw hot young people across the country sign up to star love island,But, new spin-off series An event called The Romance Retreat aimed at seniors looking for love has been announced, and several celebrities have already expressed interest.

on thursday ITV It announced that the series would focus on “middle-aged” single parents on the small screen.

The original format of the annual reality series featured contestants between the ages of 18 and their late 20s, with stars from past series rarely over the age of 30.

In the news that people over 40 can Start “cracking”and many people, including celebrities, are already ready to appear.

The reboot will follow the usual structure of Love Island, but it has not been confirmed whether there will be any cash prizes.

But my enthusiasm for the chance to fly to a sunny spot and spend weeks in a luxurious villa doesn’t stop me.

It has not been announced whether Love Island host Maya Jama will also front The Romance Retreat (Photo: ITV)

The network hasn’t confirmed who will head the series, but former Big Brother presenter Davina McCall recently threw her name in the ring.

“I’m literally asking ITV to let me introduce you to Middle-Aged Love Island. I could fill your Love Island villa with the best backstories you’ve ever heard.” ‘,” she told Stephen Bartlett in a diary on the CEO Podcast.

The participants do not appear to be celebrities, but who are the celebrities who would like to participate in the series?

Linda Robson

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The Loose Women panelist may have been married for over 30 years, but the day after her new reality series came out, she said, “I want to go there.”

When asked what romance means now compared to when she was younger, Linda, 64, replied, “No romance now.”

Older people, she said, were “much more interesting.”

“I want to go see the old people and see people I haven’t met yet.”

“If romance happens there, that’s very nice,” she added.

She also said that “sitting and eating, kissing and cuddling” is romantic.

Nadia Sawala jumped in and said: ‘When you get older, you go through life and your ups and downs, your idea of ​​romance changes, and you have someone to listen to what you’re saying, it becomes sexy and romantic. .”

“It’s not your whole being, it’s someone enhancing.”

Allison Hammond

Alison said she’s excited to be able to sign up (Photo: ITV)

This Morning star Allison Hammond recently revealed that she has a special person in her life, but she seems to have kept her options open since then. show she was interested too On a date on reality TV.

In Friday’s episode, she said:

Alison, 47, has an 18-year-old son, Aiden, with ex Nourdine Boufaid.

Allison continues:

“I am fully qualified,” she added.

She has kept their relationship private for years after splitting from fiancée Jamie Savage in 2017 after three years of dating.

But last week, she said she would be happy to marry her if her new flame posed a question.

She said, “I was with him for a year and a half and I didn’t know anyone. He absolutely adores me and massages my feet every day. What more do you want?” “

Tarek Gori

Tasha wants her dad, Tarek, to star in a reality dating series as well (Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

His daughter found love at a villa on Love Island with Andrew Le Paige.And now Tarek Gouri is also being encouraged to try his luck.

When news of the show was shared, Tasha, 23, urged her father to star in the new spin-off show.

Retweeting an article announcing the news, she wrote:

One of the conditions for becoming a single parent is the support of my daughter, which is very helpful.

Giles Brandless

Gyles Brandreth was nominated by his grandchildren (Photo: ITV)

Former politician Giles Brandless, who has been married for the past 50 years, revealed that he signed up for the show when he was chatting with Alison about the spin-off series.

“Well, pretty sweetly, my grandchildren nominated me to participate,” she said.

“Deadline is March 31st. Grandson can’t nominate you. I got an email back saying you’re too old.”

Dermot O’Leary joked that Giles’ wife Michele, who has three children, could be behind the nomination.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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