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AI Collides with Art: Witness the Future at MakersPlace’s Hackathon!


MakersPlace is hosting its first-ever AI Art Hackathon! The leading marketplace for rare, authentic digital fine art is revolutionizing the art world by embracing groundbreaking AI-generated art. The event will take place at NFC Lisbon on June 7th and 8th. Renowned artists such as BLΛC, Illustrata, DVK The Artist and DigitalCoy collaborate with talented creators such as Trevor Jones, Hackkatao, Coldie and Sasha Stiles.

This collaboration offers art lovers a fantastic opportunity to acquire unique works of art and enjoy exclusive benefits. As a highlight of the event, attendees will have the chance to win exclusive exclusive pieces of her Coldie.

Makerplace AI Art Hackathon: Revolutionizing the AI ​​Art Race

Building on the recent introduction of MakersPlace’s AI Generative Art category, the platform will continue to empower creators in the AI ​​art space. Hackathons are in many ways human-machine collaborations. MakersPlace encourages the use of AI technology as a creative tool and partner in the artistic process.

At the AI ​​Art Hackathon, BLΛC, Illustrata, Artist DVK, and DigitalCoYou get inspired by the following verses: Sasha Stiles. This poem is available for purchase on MakersPlace and is licensed under CC0. Attendees witness art being created in real time and immerse themselves in the artistic process. The completed artwork will be auctioned as a one-of-a-kind piece on MakersPlace from June 15, 2023.

Trevor Jones and Hakatao introduces mysterious artifacts into the art-making process to surprise participating artists and encourage them to think for themselves. These sketches, with Trevor Jones and Hakatao credited as collaborators, will be sold as limited editions during NFC Lisbon, giving collectors a tangible part of the creative process.

Coldie is the centerpiece of the AI ​​Art Hackathon. Coldie is an award-winning digital artist known for his expertise in 3D art in three dimensions. Coldie curates the work of participating artists to create cohesive collages. Artmatr then uses his MATR robot, unique to Artmatr, to transform the sketch into a robotically drawn physical work. Coldie then integrates these paintings into unique physical artwork. This art is signed by Coldie, Trevor Jones and participating artists. In addition, Coldie remixes the artist’s 1/1 physical version of him to create a digital stereoscopic “physical” artwork. It will then be available in late July or August 2023.

What are the perks for collectors?

Exclusive benefits are also offered to purchasers of the Open and Limited Editions by Sasha Styles, or the Limited Editions by four artists collaborating with Trevor Jones and Hakatao.

These benefits include:

  • Opportunity to enter a drawing to win a physical artwork drawn with Artmatr robots signed by Trevor Jones and/or Hakatao.
  • Chance to win a limited edition printed poster signed by one of the artists.
  • You may receive a personalized poem by Sasha Stiles, a limited edition printed poster.
  • Raffle entry for 2 tickets to Trevor Jones Castle Party 2023 in Burgundy, France (excluding travel expenses).
  • Pre-sale access and exclusive pricing for future drops from DeltaSauce, artists DVK, CharlesAI, 0009, Dehiscence and more.

Plus, each limited edition owner by 4 collaborating artists. These are 8 editions in total. 1/1, meanwhile, at the NFC Lisbon site he will enter a draw for a chance to win the aforementioned 1/1 artwork created by Coldie. A snapshot of the draw will be taken on Friday, June 23, 2023.

of World’s first AI art hackathon by MakersPlace redefines artistic expression It also shows the immense possibilities when technology and artistic vision come together.

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