Adam Lambert says homophobia ‘probably’ cost him ‘American Idol’ win

Adam Lambert says homophobia ‘probably’ cost him ‘American Idol’ win

Adam Lambert

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The monumental talent of Adam Lambert40. And when asked at the Sundance Film Festival if he lost in the eighth season, american idol Homophobia was to blame, he replied directly. variety“Yeah, probably,” he said at the iconic event promoting the film. fairy land.But that was ten years ago. What makes our films unique is that even though they are set in the 1970s, they contain a great deal of current ideas. LGBTQ people are under attack again from conservative parts of our country. ”

for each outlet Sofia Coppola-produced fairy land Set in 70’s San Francisco. Scoot McNairy Playing a gay man in the film, Adam plays a character named Charlie.It is based on Alicia Abbottmemoir of Fairyland: A Memoir of My Fatherand it is directed by Andrew DurhamHe described it as being about “a great connection, a great relationship between an adult gay man and his daughter.”

During the interview, Adam also referenced a recent comment. Theo James Possibility of playing a pop star George Michael in an upcoming biopic. “Hey another straight guy playing a gay icon,” he commented advocatePosted on Instagram by About casting possibilities.

Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert (AFF-USA/Shutterstock)

However, he claims it was a sarcastic remark. “My actual comment was a heterosexual actor playing a gay icon,” he said. varietyCase in point: Scoot’s amazing performance in this film. “As queers, we’ve closed a lot of doors for a long time,” he explained. “Having these stories told is a big step forward, but I hope in the future out actors will be able to try out out lead roles as well. I just want an equal opportunity.”

Adam Lambert
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after losing american idol To Chris AllenAdam has had an epic career in music, film and television, even performing alongside other music icons at the recent Platinum Jubilee. Queen Elizabeth II.

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